About Me

Welcome to Selah Mama! I’m Amber. I’m daughter of the Most High King. Wife to my hard-working husband. Mama to my precious baby girl. And fur-mama to my little man.

I started Selah Mama as a way to reach out and love on other mamas.  Being a first time mom, I’m learning and growing every day and want to connect, grow, share, learn, and love on other mama’s.

So, why Selah Mama?

Selah is a word that’s found in the book of Psalms. It means to pause and meditate. I feel that many times I rush through the day. Trying to get everything done and not enjoying the time that I have. Why do we, as mamas, feel that way? Why is it so hard for us to take time for us, but more importantly, time for meditating on God’s Word?

Let’s slow down, grab a cup of coffee, hug our babies tight, and open the pages of our bibles.